1. New day

From the recording Attik Door


Be as awful as it may
Things won't always go your way
And the life you thought you’d have dissolves and you don’t know why

Walls close in at every turn
Devil treads behind you…

Feeling like you’ve been undone
Ripped apart by everyone
How can you pick up your life again when days are counted?

Stranger’s faces everywhere
Bridges burn

Don’t give up it just seems like the end Just hold on tight and the sun will find you
It will free you of all your regrets
Don’t run away its right beside you
Don’t give up life is filled with rain
But better days are soon to follow
Time will heal all the sorrow and pain
Don’t shut away don’t shut away

Soon you’ll learn what wise men know
Days will come and days will go
Some you’ll bleed and some you’ll laugh
Just brush it off and go on

Live to see another day
Life will show the way