1. Vanity

From the recording Attik Door


I am what your Daddy told you of
I am what your Mama warned you of
There’s no reason for your meekness
I’m your strength and not your weakness

We don’t have to always make it
Win or lose we can just fake it
Lies and smiles as your armor
Fame and fortune soon to follow

I am all you know
Give in and I'll show
You what they all want
And how them you control

You have all it takes
Your looks and your brains
So make no mistakes,
You can have it all

Don’t lie you can feel me growing
Through your veins you feel me flowing
Look for me in your reflection
I’m what makes you see perfection

Jealousy and hate abound
From those losers all around
Greatness no one understands
You'll be fine without friends