1. Bleed

From the recording Never in agreement


When you were young you were like all the other kids
But your folks didn't have the time to give a shit
Anytime you'd get in trouble they would cry
And take you to a doctor so he'd tell them what and why

He'd medicate you so he wouldn't have to think
And upped the dose whenever you where at the brink
And so you wandered like a zombie through your school
With everyone just thinking that you were just too ...

Hey hey hey
This life is way more strange than it may seem
Hey hey hey
And you won't know all of it till you bleed
Hey hey hey
You can't just fix it with another pill
Hey hey hey
Open your door

You will see
The view outside is better than you've ever dreamed
You will know
But only if you face the tough walk through that door

And now you closed your door and threw away the key
But deep inside you look for what can make you bleed
You’re so afraid that you’ll feel anything at all
And yet you keep looking out of that key hole

Behind that door you dress up fear In apathy
Pretending like you've seen all that is to be seen
Erasing easily your highs and all your lows
With just the right amount of Pills and alcohol

And then one day you go outside and feel the rain
That feeling that you have inside you just can't explain
You never felt anything close to that before
It overwhelms and rips you down to you core

You want to scream but you just don't remember how
And people says you need to hide that shit somehow
Its hard to be a human being among the filth
And that is what I call the modern day disease