1. Posers

From the recording Never in agreement


Well enough about me
I wanna know about you
I hear you’re doing real well
I ran into your crew
I hear you stole some ideas
Passed them off as your own
I hear your real good at something
That you don't even know

I wanna hear
Tell me more about you
I wanna know all the details and your secrets too
I wanna learn
Sign me up for your class
I wanna know, how can someone sell the skin off their back

So many of you out here
Saying you’re going somewhere
But you’re just hanging round
And wasting my time

You’re telling me your stories
And basking in your glory
But I’m just praying
They won't make more of your kind

Well you are so proud
That you ain't got no shame
Like a fool you think
Thats makes you a man
Tell me baby
How it’s easy for you
Just to do all those little things that you do