About Attik door

Tim Shulepov, Rhythm/Solo Guitar

Born and raised in the "rugged city" of Chelyabinsk, Tim Shulepov has been playing in various bands since 2003. Attik Door won Tim in a game of cards from another Bay Area band “East West” along with a 6pack of beer and a bag off unions. The details of the exchange are still being looked over by legal representations from both sides and cannot be discussed in further detail. Tim's favorite alcohol is bourbon on meteorite rocks

Alex Lopez, Bass Guitar

Liana Tovmasyan, Vocals

After deciding to end her career as a gangsterrapper in St Petersburg, Russia, Liana traveled to San Francisco in search ofthe next big thing. Her powerful vocal ability was a sure fit for Attik Doorand it was love at first play. Her inspirations are Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and PopEye the sailor man.

Evan Rittmann, Drums

Alex Shrayber, Rhythm/Solo Guitars
Shrayber is Shrayber, enough said..


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