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"TALENT - “Every Time I Remember” has an uptempo alternative rock sound with a
soulful lead guitar melody. The music composition has a great transition and a nice live
selection of sounds. The drum pattern is strong, it really brings out the song melody.
The percussion groove is hard. The vocal performance has an extremely powerful
creative delivery. Attik Door has strong vocal control with amazing wordplay and vocal
range. Great performance! The songwriting is very deep and convictional with a
relatable message. The song concept is great, good job staying on song topic. The
main chorus is grabbing, very commanding. The chorus has a cool mid-chorus change
up and great verse to chorus transition. The overall sound is up to industry standards,
nice crisp mix. Attik Door is a very talented rock band that gives an energetic
performance and has their own original sound!"


Interview for Sound&Track Magazine

Hello everyone, we got interviewed by Sound and track Magazine, you can check it out at

Attik Door - Every Time I Remember (Lyric Video)

Attik Door - Every Time I Remember

Our new single is now available on all major distribution platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, etc)

Official video for song "Kosmos" is out!

Hello all, we finally released our official video for song "Kosmos" from the album "Never in agreement". Enjoy!

2nd Album Ready to Launch!

Dear friends, we're about to present the results of our work in 2014. 

The 2nd album, titled "Never in Agreement", is set to be released on Feb., 7th at Neck of the Woods (SF). The link to the FB event (including one of the songs from the new album) is below. See you there!

Attikdoor at Neck of the Woods

Mini Tour Around Bay Area in October
With September almost out the door, we're glad to have played with Bristol to Memory, Kiwi Time and Rondre. Now, it is time to explore other cities around Bay Area.

In October, we are going to play in Pacifica, Concord, Santa Cruz and Oakland. All the dates have been added to the calendar section of the site. Come show us some love!

Come see us live!!
How often does it happen that you get to see us live on your own consent? Hardly freaking ever! So, to celebrate this beautiful incident, and to share our joy of releasing our debut album in its physical form, we're throwing a concert on July, 12th. We'll be sharing the lineup with Planet Plow and Narwhal Brigade, the evening is going to be awesome. Come on by!

All the details are in the event on the site calendar.

Debut Album Available for Unlimited Listen

Hello, everyone!
The web release of our band's debut album is now available on ReverbNation. You can listen to it any number of times, and if you'd like to have it in a physical form, you can purchase it in the Music section of our site. We accept PayPal! :D

Our First Album in the Works
Hello, everyone. As some of you may have heard from us and on Facebook, we’ve began working on our first album in the last days of last year’s November. This is going to be a short 6-song EP-type album, but we will make every song count. The dates for release are still being discussed, as it involves us working around our schedules as well as the schedule of our sound engineer. For now, we’d like to ask you to be patient and supportive, and we will make it worthwhile in time. Feel free to ask questions about it, we will be happy to answer anything you have in mind.

Cheers, and keep in touch!

live dates
Attik Door @ Toot's Tavern, Crockett ... 07-23-2016
Attik Door @ Slim's, San Francisco ... 06-19-2016
Attik Door @ D.N.A. Lounge, San Francisco ... 04-29-2016
Attik Door @ Toot's Tavern, Crockett ... 02-13-2016
Attik Door @ Underground Bar, Redwood City ... 08-15-2015

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